Ning Yeh UCLA Extension Course
Chinese Brush Painting
821.11 Art 1.4 CEU $195

In China, a flower is never merely a flower nor scenery merely a place; each has its own legends, romantic stories, and symbolic spirituality. In this course, students explore the spontaneous style of Chinese brush painting through hands-on step-by-step instruction. The course follows the Hsieh-I (Depicting Idea) style developed by traditional painters of the 11th century and specifically focuses on the Po-mo (Throw-ink) method: "In order for a painting to show the vitality of nature, it must be executed in a lively way; hence, the movement of the brush is completed in a simple, dynamic, and powerful manner, seeming as if the artist is throwing color and ink on the rice paper." (Ning Yeh) Subjects covered include floral, landscape, and animal. Specific subjects covered may vary each quarter. Topics include detailed instructions on appropriate use of rice paper, brushes, colors and ink. For beginning to advanced students. Materials list sent prior to fi rst class. Enrollment limited. (Estimated additional costs for supplies $50-60)

Session II - Sat & Sun 9am-5pm January 8th & 9th : Subjects to be announced
313 1010 Westwood Center

The Art of Joyce Tanaka-Shields

Monday January 10th 2005: Basic I Fundamentals of fi ne-line technique - demonstration & class participation in painting leaves, fl owers and butterfl ies.

Tuesday January 11th 2005: Basic II: Fundamentals of fi ne-line technique - demonstration & class participation in painting birds.

Thurs./Fri. January 13th & 14th 2005: Persimmon & Butterfl ies (Boneless Technique) - demonstration and class participation. Prereq.Basic I

Mon./Tues. January 17th & 18th 2005: Apricot Tree & Bluebirds - demonstration & class participation. Prereq. Basic II.

Thurs./Fri. January 20th & 21st 2005: Calla Lily & Dragonfl y (on gold paper) - demonstration & class participation. Prereq. Basic I

Mon./Tues. January 24th & 25th 2005: Finishing Class (Note diff. cost) - Joyce assists class in putting fi nishing touches on their past workshop pieces.

Classes held at Ning Yeh Studio, Oriental Art Supply. Two-day classes cannot be split. Classes w/ two days listed require both days of instruction to complete the subject.

Price: $50 per day or $180 for any four days (excluding fi nishing class). Finishing Class Price: $75 (both days included).

Hours: 9am -4pm. Classes limited to 12 students, call for availability, no refunds after January 5th 2005.

For Further info. please contact:
Joyce Tanaka-Shields
627 Pathfi nder Trail, Anaheim Hills, CA 92807. Ph Phone:(714)658.3714,
Fax: (714)637.2487.
Joyce provides colors prints & reference material for her classes during workshops. A collage of mini-designs is available upon request.
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