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Featured Artist - Chao Shao-An

brief biography
Lui-sang wong
(1928- )
Temple Bells in Evening Mist

Featured in:
"Lui-sang Wong's Painting"

Au Ho-nien
(1935- )
Foot Path

Featured in:
"Ink and Colour Paintings of Au Ho-nien"

Ch'i Pai-shih
/Qi Baishi

Fairy Land

Featured in:
"The Paintings of Ch'i Pai-shih"
Wang Juang

Early Spring in Jiang Nan

Featured in:
"Early Ch'ing Painting: The 'aqOrthodox' Masters"
Shih T'ao
The Chao Lake

Featured in:
"Early Ch'ing Paintning: The Individualists"
Yuan Chiang
Peach Blossom Spring

Featured in:
"Masters of Landscape Painting; Yuan Chiang & Yuan Yao"
Szeto Kei

Waterfall of the Autumn Mountain

Featured in:
"Paintings By Szeto Kei"
Seiho Takeuchi
(1618 - 1664)
Autumn Colours in My Mountain Dwelling

Featured in:
"The Beauty of Japanese Paintings 1"
Seiho Takeuchi
(1618 - 1664)
Mount Fuji from Distant Hills

Featured in:
"The Beauty of Japanese Paintings 1"
Sobun Morikawa
Cherry Blossoms and Small Friends

Featured in:
"Painting of A Hundred Birds"
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