Of all the Chinese Brush Painting supplies or materials, quality brushes seem to have the greatest impact on an artist's experience. Whether you are using sumi-e brushes made from Japan or Chinese brushes, it is important to invest in quality brushes. It is unfortunate that there is so much interest around chinese brush painting and sumi-e but often times, a person's first experience with the artforms is to purchase an inexpensive kit or set that comes in a pretty box from the internet or from their local China town only to find that the brushes are essentially unusable. What is even more dissapointing is that instead of realizing that the brushes were at fault, this new person walks away from chinese brush painting thinking that it is too difficult or frustrating for them to enjoy.

What we've found is that even someone with no art experience at all can get rewarding results providing that they are using a quality brush. So what are the attributes of quality brush?

If you are using a wolf hair brush
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